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From grandparents to economists, working parents to student parents, health care professionals to social workers, early childhood educators to university professors – and so many others – everyone has a child care story.

Tell us yours!

5 thoughts on “Share your child care story right here

  1. I am currently a student enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Program and once completed, I hope to open my own daycare that offers high quality yet affordable childcare. I am not a mother myself but I have seen both mothers and fathers, at the daycare I work part time at, struggle with being able to afford full time care for their children. These parents not only struggle with paying for childcare but they also wonder what are they paying for, where does their hard earned money go, and what are they and their children receiving from the program. I strongly believe with the high priced daycare fees today, parents deserve to know what exactly their family is gaining from the experience. “Quality” childcare needs to be high quality meaning the program needs to be education and have the appropriate curriculum, also the childcare workers need to be highly educated and be properly trained for the field of work. Along with offering quality care, I believe daycares need to have accessible care for all type of families, not just the parents with high paying job who can afford it. All families should have the right to high quality care for their children no matter how big their pay cheque is. My wish for our country and communities is to be able to offer families this type of care, and for daycares to work with schools so all children’s educational needs are being looked after not only in the infancy and toddler years but moving forward into school ages years.
    Since the first three years of every child’s life is the more important, each and every child should be allowed to attend a high quality program that does not put financial stress on the parents. One day I will be able to open up a program that offers this, and I hope there are many more to be opened in order to provide quality affordable care.
    Thank you!

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    Instructor Heidi Panych
    Lori Auger-Smith

    When I had my first baby I stayed home for 6 months then went back to work so we could make ends meet. I could not afford day care so my mom always watched him for us, not free but a lot cheaper then day care. Then when it was time for him to go to school that was great because my mom was getting old and I did not want to depend on her like that anymore. Then ten years down the road we were blessed with, another little bundle of joy, another boy!!! I started working 7 months after I had him because I came across a great opportunity; I got a job at the mill here in town. This meant I could afford the day home I had him in. Although she was very full she still agreed to taking him in, I trusted her, He did not cry when I brought him there, I did not have any issues bringing him to the day home, After a year of that I didn’t like working their anymore so I left to become an early childhood educator at the day care I currently work at. We take children of all ages 3 months to 6 years which was great so I just brought my son here with me at a discounted price! We have been here now for 19 months.

  3. My Child Care Story
    I have always loved children and working with children and one day a child care position fell into my lap. Within one year I went from the assistant part time teacher to the full time coordinator of the one preschool here in town. I am young and don’t have any children or younger siblings of my own, so I do not have my own personal childcare stories, but from an ELCC student, and worker perspective here is what I have experienced thus far. Last year when I was the assistant part time worker we had all of our childcare programs running in the basement of a very old building, the entrance was tiny, and there was a set of terrible stairs leading to the basement, also our parking lot wasn’t large, and we had zero access to outside play. At this center we had a good amount of programs for preschoolers, moms and tots and new mothers. I would say that our programs at this center over the years have been well organized, and planned. Last year they had a brand new coordinator with little experience or education so we had less programs and lower numbers of people participating in our available programs. One good thing about this center is that all the programs offered are free to anyone in the community. Now this year I was put into the position of coordinator and we found a new building that is so much better for our programs and our offices! This has been very exciting in the past few months. This building is brighter, bigger and cleaner with no stairs, huge classroom spaces, big parking lots and a small park right behind our building for outside play. I have taken quite a few courses so far but my experience and confidence is fairly low due to being so young still, but I am and will continue to try my best in making these available programs organized and well planned again. Still all of our programs continue to be free and now way more accessible! In our community there are two preschools, our centers preschool runs fours classes of ten students, once a week for 2.5 hours. Though there are many other day homes that are available but they are costly and unregulated.
    I think that all childcare programs should be safe, affordable, fun, loving and exciting for all children as well as mind easing for parents. 🙂

  4. I recently returned to school to pursue a career in Early Learning and Childcare. I am not a mother and I do not have years of experience in the field so my views might be different from others.
    I believe that the purpose of early childhood programs are to give children a safe and caring place to learn, grow, and develop. Early childhood programs also give parents a harmless place to send their children while they are at work. I believe that children learn best when they are having fun but also when they have someone encouraging them to do their best. A Curriculum for young children should include play, family encouragement, structured activities, and support staff members. Some of the elements of quality early childhood education are safe care, healthful care, encouragement, promoting positive relationships, and promoting equal opportunity. The basic needs of young children are safety, their physical needs are being met, opportunities for learning, and learning proper hygiene. Qualities important for early childhood educators are being: caring, patient, kind, understanding, open to change, and ready for anything.
    I live in a small community where quality childcare isn’t always available. I feel that people paying for childcare are over paying for a service they aren’t receiving properly. A childcare worker needs to love what they do but be properly educated. This career isn’t one you just ‘stick around for the pay cheque’ so to say. We are not paid greatly but yet we have a huge impact on children’s lives. I feel that some people might use the low pay as an excuse to not give quality childcare. Anyone getting into this field should not just look at it as job because it is much more important than that. We are with children most of their day and they need to be safe but also have opportunities to learn and grow while they are in our care. Quality early childhood programs are not always accessible and the ones that are can be very expensive. I feel the needs of the family paying for childcare need to be considered. Not all families have someone in them who is making ‘oilfield money’ and many families today only have one source of income.

  5. I feel as if I am an experienced childcare worker and am now enrolled in the Early Child Hood Program offered through the Northern Lakes College in Wabasca. I have worked in childcare since the age of 17. Finding “quality” child care in my community can be slim to none, meaning now that one of our local daycares is now closed u have the option of the one. The MD opportunity Child Care Development Center is an accredited Child Care that offers “quality” child care. My perspective on quality childcare is finding something that is affordable and compensates my personal workplace. in this particular child care setting there is a “fee: a parent must pay to enroll each child and this may cause a problem to some with out a job already. with no income I find it almost impossible to enroll a child with said fee. Due to the lack of resources in our community I think this Child care center is the only option parents have at sending their child to a “quality’ child care center.

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