Working for free

I am the mother of a 3 year old boy living in Halifax. After spending months on several daycare waiting lists I finally got my son in to a centre but am now realizing that two thirds of my salary is going to childcare. Once you account for gas and other work expenses, I truly feel as though I am working for nothing. I would never have thought that going back to work would be so cost prohibitive.

In another year he will be starting school, we are on a countdown because it will finally be free! I cannot understand how the government can pay for schooling and not daycare. Something needs to be done. When two parents who make okay money all of a sudden have a hard time making rent because of the cost of childcare I can say for certain that there is a big problem.

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One thought on “Working for free

  1. I am 62 year old woman, who was the primary parent for my now 28 year old son. When I tried to return to work in the mid 90s, I had no daycare and therefore no job. My untenable solution was to have two part-time jobs, and juggle my work around my son’s junior and senior kindergarten schedule. Exhausting !!! It took at least 5 years before I found full-time work, often on contract, without benefits, or much sick leave. One summer, I returned to school to upgrade my computer skills, and left my son with friends. AT that time, my monthly salary on EI was $920 a month, from which I paid for daycare. Still waiting for affordable subsidized after 20 years. so that we can lessen inequality that families face raising children.

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