CCAAC Welcomes Morna Ballantyne as New E.D.

mornaThe Board of Directors of the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada (CCAAC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Morna Ballantyne as Executive Director.

“Morna Ballantyne assumes this leadership position in the child care movement at a time when opportunities for building a comprehensive and universal child care system in Canada are re-opening,” said CCAAC Board member Dominique Arbez.

CCAAC, founded in 1982 as Canada’s umbrella child care advocacy group, is embarking on a renewed effort to push the federal, provincial and territorial governments to agree on an early learning and child care framework for accessible, affordable, inclusive and high quality child care, and to live up to that agreement through a major multi-year public funding investment.

Morna Ballantyne has many years of experience as a child care advocate.  She has a strong background in public policy and government relations, has helped lead and manage several national organizations, and is a skilled political and organizational strategist.


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