Please participate in on-line actions for child care

cfnu_childcare-574x1024The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU) and the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) have both launched on-line campaigns calling for a multi-year funding commitment for early childhood education and child care in the next federal budget.

The groups say the federal government must put federal money on the table as it negotiates with the provincial and territorial governments for a Framework Agreement on Early Learning and Care. Also, the groups say the Framework agreement should commit all levels of government to build a high-quality child care system that ensures all parents get the child care they need when they need it. Both CFNU and PSAC have joined dozens of other national organizations in endorsing the Shared Framework Agreement proposal developed by the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada, the Canadian Child Care Federation, the Childcare Resource and Research Unit, and Campaign 2000.

One thought on “Please participate in on-line actions for child care

  1. Child care costs in the City of Toronto have become unbearably high and not sustainable for many families. This issue affects everyone and in particular middle class families who do not qualify for subsidies and still try to make ends meet. My infant is in a nonprofit centre paying close to $2000/month. I do not blame the centres as salaries for staff remain low. I urge the government to address this issue.

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