Advocacy Updates 2006

Advocates Gather on Hill for Child Care Vote
Canada NewsWire 21 Nov 06

Support a national child care act
19 Oct 06 – A private members’ bill that takes child care from patchwork to program needs your support. Take action today by emailing your member of parliament.

Urgent Call to Action
11 Oct 06 – Women’s organizations are being silenced by the Conservative government through recent changes to the Status of Women. Many of these organizations, including the CCAAC, work to promote child care as a women’s equality issue, as well as standing up for women’s legal, economic, and citizen rights. Want to help? This Thanksgiving week, take just 25 minutes (or less) to respond.

Federal child care committee reflects partisan aims
Code Blue Campaign for Child Care 6 Sep 06 – Child care activists have labeled the work of the federal government’s newly appointed advisory committee on the design of its child care spaces initiative “a waste of time and money”.

Photo Gallery of Child Care Petition to Premiers
27 Jul 06 – Rolling out of the beginning of a 25 metre petition outside the hotel where the Premiers are meeting.

Build Child Care open letter hits 50,000 signatures!
9 Jun 06 – More than 50,000 Canadians have given their support to an open letter that urges the Prime Minister and Premiers to honour the federal-provincial child care agreements signed last year. You can view the signatures online at We thank all of those who took the time to show their support! Stay tuned for details on the upcoming public event profiling the letter!

Hundreds rally for child care on Parliament Hill
9 Jun 06 – Hundreds of Ottawa child care workers, parents, and children attended a child care rally on Parliament Hill on May 28 2006. Child care advocates brought thousands of paper dolls and stuffed animals to symbolize the 7,000 Ottawa children who are stuck on child care waiting lists. Speakers called for public, quality, not-for-profit early learning and child care programs across the country.

Open letter to Prime Minister Harper, provincial Premiers and the leaders of the Federal Opposition parties
CCAAC Ottawa 24 Feb 06
To sign on to the open letter, visit

Think Twice on January 23
Think Twice Coalition 13 Jan 06 – What would Conservative policies mean for Canadians?

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