Advocacy Updates 2007

December 14, 2007

November 07, 2007

June 01, 2007

Code Blue Pro-clamation – Day of the Child, 2007 (19 Nov 07)

23 Mar 07 – Just as expected, Monday’s budget announcement related to child care spending was a total disappointment…

Child Care Crisis in BC
CCCABC-CCCAAC 22 Feb. 07 – On Jan 5, 2007 BC announced new child care cuts of up to $35 million annually and leading to increases in fees, even longer waiting lists, and further erosion in child care quality and accessibility. Families, child care providers and communities of BC are outraged and mobilizing like never before. Don’t let what is happening in BC happen in your province!

Join the Fun – Sign Harper’s Report Card
Code Blue for Child Care 6 Feb. 07 – Code Blue has stepped up the campaign to save child care with the release a witty report card on the Harper Government’s performance on child care.
So how did Stephen do in his first year of child care? Well, he must improve his active listening skills and shouldn’t be allowed to play with scissors after the drastic cuts he made to child care.

Conservative capital plan won’t ‘create’ child care spaces
Code Blue for Child Care 11 Jan 07 – A new study shows Stephen Harper’s promised “child care spaces initiative” is bad public policy that won’t deliver the much-needed accessible spots.
Visit for more information and to download the report.

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