Briefs Archive

Pre-Budget Consultation Briefs (2003-2016)

2016 Federal Budget Submission
CCAAC shares their 2016 federal budget priorities with the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance and with Canadians.

Child Care – Solutions for Children, Families, Communities and the Economy
CCAAC 2013 Pre-Budget Consultation Brief

Highlights of CCAAC Brief to the Clerk of the Standing Committee on Finance
CCAAC 2012 Pre-Budget Consultations (August 10, 2011)

Child Care Services – Calling for Transparent and Accountable Public Policy, Public Investment and Public Reporting by the Government of Canada
CCAAC 2011 Pre-Budget Consultation Brief (August 2010)

Child Care Services – a Call for Transparency in Public Reporting, Performance-based Public Policy and Accountable Public Investment by the Government of Canada
CCAAC 2010 Pre-Budget Consultation Brief (August 2009)

Child Care Services: Economic Stimulus with Long Term Benefits for Canada
CCAAC 2009 Pre-Budget Consultation Brief (December 2008)

Child Care Services in Canada: One Recommendation with Multiple Benefits
CCAAC 2008 Pre-Budget Consultation Brief. For the Executive Summary, click here.

Priority for Prosperity
CCAAC 2007 Pre-Budget Consultation Brief (August 07)

Early Learning and Child Care Submission
CCAAC 2006 Pre-Budget Consultation Brief (September 2005)

Pre-Budget Consultation 2005/06
Presentation to the Standing Committee on Finance (November 2004)

Pre-Budget Consultation 2004/05 (January 2004)

Pre-Budget Consultation 2003/04 (September 2003)

Other Submissions


Early Learning and Child Care Services for Canada: Building Advantage from the Foundation
CCAAC submission to the federal government in response to their 2006 Economic and Fiscal Update and their strategy document titled Advantage Canada (December 2006)

Early Learning and Child Care: How Does Canada Measure Up?
International Comparisons Using Data From Starting Strong II (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2006) by Martha Friendly (November 2006)

Caring About Employability
CCAAC brief presented to the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities (HUMA) (October 2006)

The Financial Reality behind the Federal Child Care Spaces Initiative: A Mismatch of Mythic Proportions
CCAAC brief to see why the mismatch between the federal government’s child care spaces initiative and financial reality is of mythic proportions (Oct 2006)

Focused Public Investment in Child Care Services Enhances Canada’s Place in a Competitive World
CCAAC’s Brief to Standing Committee on Finance (September 2006)

What’s Wrong with the federal Child Care Spaces Initiative?
Stephen Harper’s Conservative government is starting to draw attention to its Child Care Spaces Initiative that is intended to create 25,000 new child care spaces a year by giving businesses and non-profit organizations financial incentives. Human Resources and Social Development Canada is engaging in a limited consultation with selected provincial officials, child care providers, employers, and policy analysts. Read this summary of the research on what works – and what doesn’t – and why. (August 2006)

Early Learning and Child Care Submission
CCAAC Pre-budget Consultations 2006 (April 2006)

Child care to become focus of Parliamentary struggle: Throne Speech shows no compromise
CCAAC response to the Throne Speech (April 2006)

The Community Child Care Investment Program: Does the evidence support the claims?
CCAAC Backgrounder on the Conservative’s Community Child Care Investment Program (April 2006)


Behind the spin: The party positions on child care
CCAAC comparison of party positions on child care (December 2005)

Briefs to the Standing Committee on Finance
Various Organizations 2005 Pre-Budget Consultation (October 2005)

The Federal Provincial Territorial Agreements and Child Care
Notes for panel presentation at the Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA) National Symposium (Lynell Anderson, September 2005)

Child care is a women’s issue
Quality child care has been called the “ramp” to women’s equality (April 2005)

The federal budget and the child care promise: Promise made but not yet kept
The budget represents only one part of the Liberals’ child care pledge and even at that can only be considered a down payment (March 2005)

2004 and prior

A Legislative Framework for a Pan Canadian System of Child Care Services
Barbara Cameron, PhD, for the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada (December 2004)

The Issue of “Auspice”
A Supplementary Paper to the Brief Presented to the Standing Committee on Human Resources Development (December 1994)


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