Building Blocks Campaign

The Building Blocks campaign was a major outreach and coalition advocacy effort in 2004/05. The campaign grew out of an informal meeting of advocates at the Winnipeg conference, Child Care for a Change! and had several ambitious goals: to work with a broad coalition to get the federal provincial and territorial ministers of child care to negotiate a good child care agreement; to mobilize at the regional level; to keep our message in the media; and to build CCAAC’s capacity to work with our allies and a broader range of organizations.

It was an outstanding campaign. We mobilized to collect thousands of building blocks and signed messages that were sent en masse to the politicials. Advocates met with federal, provincial and territorial ministers of child care, premiers and bureaucrats. Letters were sent by the thousands directly via the web to the Prime Minister, Social Development Minister, and the relevant provicial/territorial minister of child care, federal MP and provincial/terrirotiral MPP and so forth.

To read more about this campaign, please see the Message form the CCAAC’s former Council of Child Care Advocates in the CCAAC’s 2004/05 Annual Report.


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