Child Care Policy: Making the Connections


Child Care Policy: Making the Connections was originally a project of the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada, completed in November 2007.  We continue to support citizen engagement and monitor public policy and funding as core advocacy functions.

In Making the Connections, we develop tools to support community engagement with governments in planning and implementing a focused public investment strategy that will measurably improve access to quality, affordable child care services.  Our work analyzes accountability through public reporting under Federal-Provincial-Territorial (FPT) agreements and related federal transfers specifically for early learning and child care.  These transfers total $600 million for 2008/09. 

Our original project report raises serious questions about the sole reliance on public reporting for accountability.  Nonetheless, the report’s recommendations for improved public reporting – including child care plans and measurable performance targets – are central to our ongoing advocacy for accountable public investment in quality, affordable, accessible child care services. 

Our work was presented at the annual conference of the Early Childhood Educators of BC and the Canadian Child Care Federation in Vancouver BC. Click here to download the Power Point presentation.

About the Project

Child Care Policy: Making the Connections (2004-2007) is a project of the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada. The overall goal of this project is to advance the evidence-based development of quality child care services across Canada. The project is specifically designed to support communities to better understand and analyze child care investments under federal/provincial/territorial agreements, in order to promote effective and accountable public policy and funding that will advance high quality, universally accessible child care.

Lynell Anderson, Project Director, is a BC-based Certified General Accountant and child care advocate who has worked with community groups, governments, and businesses for more than 20 years. Lynell has developed specific expertise in child care finances and related policy development.

The project work will include compiling baseline public information on early learning and child care, developing an analysis template and providing other tools and resources to support capacity building within governments and across communities,* including popularized data reports in a comparable format wherever possible.

Making the Connections will look at child care policy and funding developments under the Early Childhood Development (ECD) Agreement, the Multilateral Framework Agreement and any new child care agreements reached between the federal, provincial and territorial governments. CCAAC executive director Monica Lysack, who was previously a member of the Federal Provincial Territorial working group and was involved in developing the reporting criteria for the ECD and Multilateral agreements, will also contribute her expertise to the project.

Making the Connections enhances CCAAC’s long history of working with groups across the country who are committed to child care. It will strengthen the organization’s work with federal, provincial and territorial governments at a critical time in the development of child care policy in Canada.  * This project does not include participation from Quebec.

Introductory letter to provincial and territorial governments

August 2007 Open Letter to Ministers and FPT Staff Responsible for ECDLC Services

Project Reference Group

Final Report

Making the Connections: Using Public Reporting to Track the Progress on Child Care Services in Canada (November 16, 2007)

Information by Province / Territory


Factsheet #3
What are Action Plans and Who Develops Them?

Child Care Planning Checklist

Fact Sheet #2 (Part B)
Will the FPT Agreements Achieve the Child Care Goals?

Fact Sheet #2 (Part A)
What are the Federal Provincial Territorial Agreements?

August 2007 Update:
Since 2001/02, agreements between the federal and provincial/territorial governments (FPT agreements) have transferred new federal funds to provinces and territories specifically to advance early learning and child care services as well as other early childhood development programs for young children and their families.  These agreements and related transfers are summarized in the factsheets below.

Please note that the 2007/08 federal transfers have changed due to the termination of the Agreement-in-Principle on Early Learning and Child Care (Bilaterals) and passage of Budget 2007.  Federal transfers to provinces and territories in 2007/08 for early childhood development, learning and care programs and services now total $1.1 billion – $500 million (2000 ECD Agreement); $350 million (2003 Multilateral Framework Agreement); $250 million for child care spaces (Budget 2007).  Details of these transfers, including provincial and territorial allocations, are available on the federal government’s web site at

Provincial factsheets:
New Brunswick
Prince Edward Island
Newfoundland and Labrador
Nova Scotia
British Columbia

Fact Sheet #1
Public funding and child care policy: how do we ‘make the connection’?


Child Care Planning Checklist

Focused Public Investment Strategy: Child Care System Implementation Model


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