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We want to know what is happening in your community, individuals and organizations can use this public blog platform to share action updates and stories of success during the campaign.

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“I am certain that if I hadn’t been able to get daycare I would not have been able to return to school and I would not have a full time job today…” – parent voice

“As a graduating ECE, here’s what I believe in: Early Childhood Educators have a right to fair and equal pay, salary and benefits. Children have a right to nurturing and safe environments. Parents have a right to access affordable, high quality child care.” – ECE voice

“It’s time that governments live up to their words and make a real investment in a publicly funded and delivered early learning childcare system.” – advocate voice

One thought on “Cross-Country Actions

  1. A better educated workforce only means a better and more productive economy in the future. The government of Ontario needs to realize they are loosing money by not investing in early childhood education. I had to take a 6 month leave after my maternity leave as I could not place my son in a quality childcare Centre where I live until he was 18 months. Fortunately I am married and my husband has a good enough salary that we were able to pay our bills while on one income. I can’t imagine being a single mother or having the income of some of the Early Childhood Educators at his day care. I don’t know how they do it in today’s economy of high housing costs. Now that I am back at work I have had to make many financial sacrifices to be able to afford having him in daycare.

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