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  1. I stand for the empowerment of the parents and strongly support any approach that ensures the best interest of the child. Avail all the information regarding child care, safety and development to the parents so that they make informed decision when they choose the kind of care they see fit for their children. I’ve been in the “non profit” sector so long that I can say with confidence: non profit status does not necessarily imply excellence. There are many non profit service providers whose best interest is no one else’s but theirs. I’ve seen many non profits and public sectors operating like profitable organizations, growing to become conglomerates, disempowering the small service providers like the regular mother who I lives down the street, who has gained rapport and trust from other parents on the same street and who knows the families and love and is loved by the children she is taking care of while making a living for herself. The child care service she provides is convenient and minimizes travel related inconveniences such as use of public transport such as cost, time and safety. These small invisible people as well as smaller ethnocultural organizations end up being swallowed up by the big organizations. Yes, I support the call for affordable care. I also support the regulation of services, but there are a lot of factors to consider before advocating solely for non profit public child care. My perspective is informed by mine and other parents’ personal experiences, professional experience working in the non profit sector with families of young children in ECE programming, and finally my education: MA Women’s Studies, Parenting Experience and ECE. Having said that, I do support the work of non profit organizations, however, I also support the work of private child care providers who are qualified and licensed. The bottom line is the best interest of the child, regardless of who is providing the care. Finally, I support advocacy. I believe if people want to be heard and effect change in the lives of others and theirs, then advocacy is one among effective platforms to be utilized towards this end. Good job, honestly.

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