We Need Child Care

ccaac_campaign_topbannerOn Mother’s day in 2009, the CCAAC launched We Need Child Care, a campaign to inspire action on child care through the sharing of child care stories and needs online.

Here are just a few snippets from what some of you had to say about why Canada needs child care.

“When a young educated working person decides to start a family, the option of paying for childcare for more than one child looks like a financial joke.”
“Without publicly funded quality childcare it is next to impossible for single parents to pull themselves out of the depths of poverty.
“Child care in our community is very expensive and more often than not, women decide not to go back to work because the cost of childcare would equal their wages. This type of situation prevents women from re-entering the work force after having children..”
“It’s pretty simple. All children deserve the best start in life! Well funded quality child care is an integral “support” piece for families. It is good for families, it is good for the economy, it is good for schools and most of all good for our children!”
“As a developmental psychologist, I am well versed in the research on early childhood education. The results are unequivocal in showing that investment in early childhood education, particularly for vulnerable groups, pays off in spades very quickly and far into the future. These are dollars we all save for years to come, not to mention the children’s lives that can be changed forever for the better.”
“Subsidized daycare gets parents back working in their industries, starting their own businesses, strengthening our economy and keeping our country competitive on a
world scale.”
“…research tells us again and again, that the single best support for families that a society can provide is a universal, publicly funded, high quality, accessible and affordable child care system staffed by fairly compensated and well-trained early childhood educators.”

Although the original We Need Child Care blog site is no longer active, you can still share your story and read those of others on our new blog-based website.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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